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Monday, August 11, 2014

“V” is for violence: vice or virtue?

I received some wonderful suggestions for “V.” This won out; I’m hoping I can do it justice.

If you know my story at all, you know its world is violent. Lots of killing, raping, manipulating, brutalizing, etc. Much of the story focuses on how certain groups are – what they do to those they deem less worthy of life, what they do to those who threaten their lives/power…

And then there are my good guys.

The lines between them are often blurred, if they exist at all. The bad guys are brutal, merciless. So are many of my good guys. My good guys believe they are good, that their cause is just. My bad guys believe the same. Both sides are willing to defend their convictions and people to the death. Both sides kill those the other side deems “innocent.” Both sides seek to protect their own.

Who is right? Who determines which side is good and which side is bad? Or are they really that different at all? Perhaps they are simply two sides to the same coin – opposite, yet one in the same.

Sorek is currently my best (most difficult) example of this. His ability to murder without remorse is chilling, as is his willingness to do it. His natural reaction is violence. He recognizes this about himself and hates it, yet he feels he has no choice. In this world, it is often “kill or be killed.” Or, “kill, or watch your friends die.” What is a vice in the bad guys is more often than not a virtue in Sorek. While they kill to remain in power, he kills to protect, rescue, and free.

But he’s still murdering. And it’s often preemptive.

There are corrupt bad guys, but most believe they’re good – that they are protecting, rescuing, fighting for freedom.

So what separates them? What makes Sorek good, but not some of these other guys? Is it his motivation? Is it theirs? Or is he actually good? Are they actually bad?

(Okay, maybe he wasn’t the greatest example! This is a challenging post, haha!)

Are there times when violence is necessary? Times when, in order to defeat your vicious enemy, you must become equally vicious? Times when the only course of action to keep from being killed is to kill? Is violence ultimately a vice, or a virtue? Or can it be both? And if it can be both, then what decides the difference? And how does one know on which side of the line between good and evil they truly fall?


  1. Do you hate it when you trouble yourself to post a long comment and then it just gets lost in cyberspace? Me, too! And it just happened here b/c my phone doesn't have my G+ login on it for some reason. Ugh! Anyway, much success in 2015!

    1. Ugh, yes, that is infuriating! I have lost things so many times that before I ever post anything, I select it all and hit "copy" so just in case it is lost, I still have it. Haha! Thank you very much! Much success to you too!