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Thursday, July 24, 2014

“T” is for too many things…

I had numerous options and suggestions for “T.” But one stood out, and within that one, I realized I could explore several of the other compelling ideas as well.

So. “T” is for Tirrene, tyranny, treason/traitor, trafficking, terror, tragedy, and transformation.

Tirrene (tie-reen) is one of the five human nations. And though the world is controlled by the H-guys, Tirrene rules the H-guys; the leaders of the other four nations answer to the Tirrenian leader.

In the minds of most of my characters, “Tirrene” and “H-guys” are synonymous. Tirrene is the heart of the H-guys. They started the original war against the d-guys. The H-guys formed in Tirrene. The horrific things that take place in the world stem from the Tirrenian Lords. No nation does much without Tirrene giving the go-ahead. And if someone decides to implement their own ideas without asking permission first, they’re pretty much dead. No matter who they are.

While there are pockets of dissatisfaction/rebellion brewing in the other nations, nearly everyone in Tirrene is loyal to the H-guys, either because of true agreement or fear. Tirrene rules by instilling terror. Even the slightest disobedience is treason. While every nation is harsh in dealing with rebels/traitors, Tirrene is the most brutal. Yet their arrogance will be their downfall. Because of their reputation, they believe they are untouchable; they believe no one would be stupid enough to try to undermine them, or betray them, or fight against them.

The brothel Ari gets trapped in is in Tirrene, and there are more brothels in Tirrene than any other nation. The half-breed group lives in the Tirrenian Forest and searches tirelessly for abandoned children within Tirrenian cities. The nation is rife with all sorts of corruption. The other nations aptly refer to Tirrene as “the land of bloodshed.” That term is also interchangeable with the H-guys, as they are a people of bloodshed.

From this nation has come nearly every atrocity and tragedy the world has known.

From this nation will come a champion – one who will stand against the evil, bridge the abyss between the oppressed and the oppressor.

The Tirrenian leader is terrified of this prophesied “champion.” He’s slaughtered people, spilled the blood of innocents upon every corner of his nation and the world to avoid it. He’s instilled terror in every land and rules with an iron fist. He doesn’t tolerate the slightest hint of treason, disloyalty, or disobedience. He has secured his world and hunkered down with his closest allies to ride out the threat.

One thing will dismantle it all: transformation.

The transformation of “follower,” to “traitor,” to “savior.”

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