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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

“R” is…not for what you may expect!

Nope, “R” is not for rape (whew!), but racism.

There’s a line from the movie Cool Runnings that has always stood out to me. It’s when the Jamaican bobsled team is at the Olympics. They haven’t been well-received by the other competitors, and one of the guys quietly comments on the fact that no one seems to like them. His teammate replies, “We’re different. People are always afraid of what’s different.”

Racism plays a huge part in my story. It’s not just one of the themes, but it’s the foundation of the world.

And it starts with fear.

The humans fear the d-guys. Believing them to be dangerous, the humans did what any “wise” nation would do – they didn’t wait to be destroyed, but attacked preemptively.

The humans started the war, yes.

But both sides fueled it – and continue to fuel it – with their hatred, their fear, their unwillingness to lay down their arms and work toward understanding each other. The humans think the d-guys are not worthy of life. The d-guys believe the same about the humans. And therein we find this playing out: “The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.”

The half-breeds could be racist as well. They could identify themselves as “half-human” or as “half-d-guy.” But they don’t; they recognize the silliness in that. Besides, it will get them nothing – neither race wants them. Instead of trying to lord something over someone else, they simply band together. They try to find others like themselves – not just half-breeds, but all of the unwanted, rejected, abandoned. They seek people in need.

Within the half-breed group, there isn’t racism. There is compassion. There is a mutual respect and understanding of the fact that they are not different inside, even if they look a little different on the outside. They look at the heart. And they love each other for who they are, paying no attention to what they are.

Yet again, Thrice lyrics inspired this story.
“Don’t we all know life is sacred? Don’t we all know we bleed the same red blood?”

In the half-breed group, life is sacred. They live it, fight for it, and risk their lives for it.

They get it.

The rest of the world will eventually.

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