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Thursday, July 10, 2014

“P” is for purpose

Wow. Where to begin.

Several years ago, I got a story idea. Whatever else happened, it would be about a girl who is exactly who she is, where she is, with the personality and strengths and life experiences and everything else for a reason.

This is that.

I try to make purpose bleed from every aspect, every character. Not in the way of, “I’m the chosen one! This is my destiny!” – but how it is in real life: people are shaped choice by choice. They in turn do/say things that help shape others. Sometimes for good, sometimes not. Sometimes people end up changing the world though they never set out to do it. Sometimes, people simply change. They make one decision – to fight, stand, run, hurt, wait, kill, spare, forgive, not forgive, speak, not speak…

And it becomes a ripple.

“All sacrifice and suffering is redemptive. It is used to either teach the individual or to help others. Nothing is by chance.”

I believe everyone has a purpose, a destiny. That everything happens for a reason.

I put my characters through crap. Many writers do. For me, it’s about purpose, redemption. The purpose of redemption.

A girl is held as a sex slave. What shattered her heart enables her to heal the hearts of others. She can reach those that others can’t.

A young man is captured, forced to do unconscionable things. He’s terrified like everyone else. He isn’t a leader. But people are looking to him, and he rises to the challenge. In the bowels of that prison, the first seeds of a world-altering movement are planted. In more ways than one.

Another man is born in moral darkness and knows nothing else. Everything in his life prepares him, positions him. When it comes down to it, he’s exactly what the world needs.

The unwanted, the children of rape, are the ones who become the beacon of hope in a world staggering under the weight of its own wickedness.

The very thing that one man does to ensure victory is what ultimately destroys him.

Cause and effect. Suffering and redemption. In the darkness, the light shines brightest. Out of the fire come the souls seared with a passion that cannot be stopped. The abusers become the rescuers. The oppressed become the champions. The weak and flighty and unexpected become the warriors who change everything.

Ah, for all its frustrating-ness sometimes, I love this story.

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