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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

“O” is for opportunity

Blah. I’m finally back.

“O” is for opportunity…

Opportunity plays an increasingly large part of my story…though I’m not sure how to explain how I’m looking at it. It’s kind of an abstract concept.

Many of my characters are looking for an opportunity in some way or another. Some are more selfishly-motivated than others; some have been a long time coming; some are newly-acquired/realized goals.

Basically, very long story short, my story-world has four groups of people:
1. H-guys (Huls) – in charge of everything, oppressive, led by a guy who is going crazy
2. D-guys – creature race with dwindling numbers
3. K-guys – creature race in self-imposed exile
4. Everyone else

Amid the “everyone else” are two groups – those who accept the oppression (either by agreement, or resignation), and those who don’t (human rebels and half-breeds).

~Certain rebels have been seeking the opportunity to undermine the H-guys.
~Certain H-guys have been seeking to further their own power.
~The H-guy in charge seeks to destroy all who oppose him, hoping he will get the opportunity to do what his father never could – end the threat of the prophecy.
~The man just under him seeks the opportunity to bump him off and take the power for himself, to restore the world to what he thinks it should be.
~The man under him seeks first to rise higher through the ranks, then eventually to redeem himself and make the world right.
~Another high-up leader waits for the opportunity to assert himself and break free of those who have power over him.
~Another man waits for the opportunity to destroy those who he now sees as wicked and corrupt.
~The half-breeds seek the opportunity to infiltrate the ranks of their enemy and do as much damage as possible.
~The d-guys seek the opportunity to crush their enemy before they themselves are crushed.
~The k-guys seek an opportunity for redemption.
~A man I originally was going to kill seeks the opportunity to help as many people as he can, for as long as he can.
~On a more local level, a young woman seeks the opportunity to save her sister and herself from an abusive situation.
~That sister stumbles upon the opportunity for freedom, but all is not as it could be.
~That sister later thinks she’s been given the opportunity of help, but her opportunities for escape are running out.

Each of my characters wants something. Some, as I said, are selfish. Others are crazy. Others think what they seek will make them happy, but once they get it, they realize its emptiness. Others are desperate for hope, freedom, a way out. Some are too desperate. Others are selfless, sacrificial.

The desires of all of these characters drive the story. They are constantly presented with opportunities, some in disguise, some coming in ways they never expected.

I am not sure yet how it will all play out. But I want the foundations of this world to shake. =)

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