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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

“L” is for loss and lawlessness

I was stuck the other day, unsure what to write for “L,” so I posted a status asking for ideas. I got some great responses, but two stood out the most – loss and lawlessness. I’m going to try to write briefly about both, because they kind of weave in and out of each other.

The world is not free, and has not been for a long time. The people in charge – H-guys – think they are protecting people, creating a safe world…but they aren’t. They “protect” at the cost of freedom, and they rule by oppression and fear-mongering. Though life is preserved, the people live in fear of the enemy, and in fear of going against the H-guys.

For Ari in particular, the loss cuts deeply. She loses her innocence; it is ripped from her in the form of men. She loses her sister, spends most of the story believing she is dead. She loses her friends, her home, and she can never go back. She loses the man she thought cared about her. She loses her identity, finds out that she is something other than what she always thought she was. She loses her freedom – first in the brothel, then as a labor slave. She loses hope over and over again. She loses pieces of her mind, slips closer and closer toward insanity. She loses her child. She loses other friends. She loses her courage, her peace, her personality. She becomes hard, angry, bitter. Driven by distrust and woundedness, she struggles to simply survive.

Rab’s story is similar, though she reacts differently. She has already lost her innocence by the time the story starts; her eyes have already opened to the cruelty around her. She loses her freedom, which, for her, has always been the beat of her heart. She loses her home, but she was never that attached to it. Her biggest loss is Ari. Her entire life has been built around protecting her little sister, and when that is gone, she has no idea who she is or what her purpose is. She has no identity apart from her sister’s protector. She loses her friends, all of them gone in an instant. She loses her hope. She is lost amid a darkening world that is spiraling out of control, her strength ripped from her as her deepest fears take hold. The unbreakable girl is broken, the feisty warrior is leveled under a wave of despair and guilt.

And that is only those two. Many, many others have lost their innocence, have been brutalized by the world and its people/system. Most have lost family members in horrific ways; many have been abandoned by those who should have loved them. Many have lost children they never wanted, but loved all the same. Thousands have lost their homes, have been uprooted from all they’ve ever known. Loss pervades every corner of the world; no one – not even the worst offender – is exempt.

My original ending was that the H-guys would be defeated and peace would come to the land. But the more I dig into this world, the more I see that when the H-guys are out of the way, then tons of people will be vying for control. Peace wouldn’t descend gently upon their defeat; the world would implode even more. It would be chaos. Lawlessness. The H-guys are sort of the police of the world; with them out of the way, yes there is suddenly freedom – but with that freedom comes the abuse of it.  

The world will descend not into peace, but anarchy.

Not sure where all of this is going yet.
But it is going to be fun.

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