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Thursday, June 19, 2014

“K” is for…

“K” is for…klhn (klen; like “clan” but with an “eh” sound). My k-guys. My other creature race. =)

I am going to try to give some backstory. Because backstories are fun. Hopefully this one is not lame.

The story my humans present as truth:

            Many ages ago, when the world was still new, there was just darkness and water. Then there came a light. A flash of lightning, splitting across the skies. Splitting the water apart, and causing dry land to rise out. A thousand years passed – then the lightning split the skies again. This time, it struck the land and sparked a fire. From that fire rose a people – the ka’lin (kah-LIN). Pale as lightning, with eyes of fire. And like the fire that had birthed them, they too possessed fire in themselves. They set fire to the dirt, and from the smoke, they formed the diikhiin (DIE-ik-hine). An echo of themselves, a shadow. From the dirt itself, they formed humans. It was a power that they used to create – and then subdue – both races.
            But the ka’lin were cruel taskmasters, forcing the humans to serve both them and the diikhiin. At last, the humans rebelled – and by their might, they drove the ka’lin into hiding. They then turned to the diikhiin, the echoes of their wicked creators. And they’ve been at war against them ever since.

How it really went down:

1. Humans saw the land of the klhn and wanted it.

2. Three of the five lands joined together to take it.

3. The klhn rose to defend themselves/their land.

4. In so doing, they discovered that they possessed the power to both create and manipulate fire. Without meaning or trying to, they slaughtered over half of the attacking humans within seconds.

5. Horrified, they surrendered their land to avoid further destruction. They grew angry toward the diikhiin (the other creature race and their allies, so they thought) for not coming to their aid; the diikhiin felt they didn’t deserve help since they surrendered.

6. The three nations settled into their new home.

7. The other two human nations got together and started talking about the diikhiin – a race more numerous than the klhn, and certainly just as dangerous.

8. The two human nations went to war against the diikhiin.

9. The diikhiin fought back – without fire powers, but with determination.

10. The two human nations went to the klhn to ask for help and persuaded them that fighting the diikhiin would restore their honor. They also said they’d give them their original land back.

11. The klhn, who had grown extremely bitter toward the diikhiin and felt betrayed by them, agreed to fight alongside the humans.

12. They killed thousands of diikhiin, realized what they’d done, and were convinced they were monsters. In their shame, they exiled themselves into the mountains and haven’t been heard from or seen since.

13. Peace eventually won out.

14. The H-guys popped up, brought back the fear and hatred of the past.

15. The humans and diikhiin have basically been at war ever since.

SO. Some things about the klhn.

~They have fire powers. Or had. They may or may not have any powers left. Muhaha. ;) ;)

~They can live to be 2,000, but most don’t get anywhere near that anymore. Their exile has taken a toll on them, and they are rapidly dying off.

~They believe themselves to be monsters, capable of creating only destruction.

~There are only a few left. Less than a hundred. I’m thinking maybe around seventy.

~The klhn, the diikhiin, and the humans are all indeed related, though not as the legends state.

~Their skin is pale white, and their hair is white. Like lightning. They are all but blind, and their eyes look like a cat’s eye when it hits just a bit of light and turns an iridescent orange color. Their eyes look like this all the time.

~Unlike the diikhiin, they have no markings at all on their bodies.

~They have no vowels in their language, apart from “y.” Their words are said breathily.

~For a while, they followed the happenings of the world. With each conflict they didn’t involve themselves in, they condemned themselves more.

~On the whole, they are cowardly and bitter; they cling to the past and refuse to let it go.

~The Prince of the klhn comes into the story at one point, seeking redemption and hope for his people.

Aaand…that is all. =)

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