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Monday, June 2, 2014

“H” is for half-breeds!

So, things have changed hugely since the last time I wrote. Haha. I now have two “main girls.” The girl I’ve been referring to as “main girl” is henceforth Ari. Her rebel sister is Rab.

And now…

“H” is for half-breeds!!! Specifically, the half-breed group and how it came to be…

In my story-world, there are two main races: humans and d-guys. The humans are ruled by H-guys. The two races hate each other. Rape is rampant, and humans and d-guys (who are not all male, ha) reproduce easily with each other.

As such, half-breeds are everywhere.
At least, they were.

Up until about thirteen years ago (as of the start of book one), half-breeds lived in relative peace within the human nations. They weren’t universally wanted (though many families chose to keep their half-breed children), but they were mostly tolerated.

Then someone – someone filled with such a self-righteous hatred for all things remotely d-guy – got a “good” idea about how to better test the loyalty of new H-guy initiates.

It did indeed test loyalty. And pushed the already-paranoid H-guy leader further toward the edge of his sanity.

Overnight, everything changed.
And the Purging began.

Half-breeds were captured (taken from the streets or ripped from families), put in prison camps, and forced to do unspeakable things – all in the H-guys’ attempt to produce as many children as possible for the test.

H-guy loyalty came at the cost of humanity, their hands stained with the blood of innocents.

Caught in this horror was a young half-breed man named Tirhakah (tur-hah-kuh). (I can say his name because I didn’t make it up, haha! I stole it from here.) Born of rape, but raised by loving parents alongside his fully-human siblings. Witness of his rebel parents’ brutal murder at the hand of H-guys. He and his siblings lived on the streets for several years, taking in abandoned children. When the Purging reached that city, he and his siblings were separated.

Tirhakah eventually escaped the prison, taking with him most of the men and many of the women. He and his siblings had agreed to meet in the forest if they were ever separated, and though he was sure they were long gone, he led his refugees there anyway. His siblings had waited for him. And in his absence, their numbers had multiplied as children fled from the Purging and to the forest.

And thus, the half-breed group was born.

Their mission: to seek and save the lost, abandoned, hurting, and rejected. Their teams sneak inside cities searching for anyone in need. They’ve also destroyed many other prison camps (and rescued those held captive). Tirhakah’s cousin (Sorek; taken from here) – a former H-guy turned rebel – works with them in the human cities, sneaking half-breeds to them and gathering his own army.

The half-breed group that Ari ends up with is one of the teams.
And the rebel group that Rab is a part of is the group led by Sorek.

Oh, and the guy responsible for the Purging – who is someone Ari ends up meeting – is eventually brought to Tirhakah’s camp as a prisoner.

Ooh fun.

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