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Sunday, June 1, 2014

“G” is for grace

Dropped the ball a bit, sorry. Going to try to get back to this A-Z thing!

So. “G” is for grace.

One of my main girls (the one I usually refer to as “main girl”) starts off as a sweet, gentle person. Loyal and trusting, though naïve. But as horrible things happen to her, she hardens herself; she grows angry, distrustful, even violent. Though she vacillates between numerous different emotions throughout the story, the rage remains, latched to her soul.

But there comes a moment.

A moment when she is confronted with all that she’s been trying to forget.
A moment when hope, salvation, and the life she longs for stand in front of her – in the form of a man.
And she doesn’t realize it, can’t fathom that anything good could come from his arrival. His existence.

…This may sound like it is shaping up to be one of those impossible love stories.  
It ultimately is.
But not the way you may think.

She has every reason to hate him, fear him, distrust him; he deserves it all. She puts everything on him – he becomes the visible representation of the horror and torture she endured.

He is the reminder of the past.
He is also a huge part of her salvation, her future.

He is the path she must walk if she is to be free. It is a path of forgiveness – but beyond the “typical” mindset of, “I forgive you, but I don’t trust you and never want to see you again.” If she is to truly heal, truly find hope, she must walk a path of grace as well.

Grace toward him, one who does not deserve it.
Grace toward herself, which might even be harder.

She must allow herself to love him. She must allow him to love her.

In him is everything she hates, everything she fears, everything that hurts her.
In him is her redemption.
And in her is his.

And I am so excited to tell this story.

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