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Friday, April 25, 2014

“E” is for Emerging of Emerald

Well, my last few days have been crazy. Without further ado…

“E” is for Emerging of Emerald

I started this story in 2003, forgot about it for five years, then found it again. I had a very vague summary about a girl who was different and found other people like herself, the title, some land/town names, and a terrible map.

I started playing around with it, and it sort of exploded.

No, it totally exploded. Like, “I can’t type fast enough to keep up with all of these ideas!” explosion.

In about November-ish of 2010, I turned my full focus to this story.
It went from a two-book idea to three.
Then four.

I finished book one this past December, and moved on to book two.

A friend is currently editing book one. A couple of weeks ago, she gave me her honest opinion: that it feels like I am writing two stories at the same time, and I need to separate them.

I wanted my main girl to be tormented, to reveal details of her past through flashbacks. But it always sort of bugged me that the past would never be told from start to finish, that people would have to piece it together themselves. Also, not knowing the horror she’s coming from before getting to the inn, it’s been hard for some people to connect with her, feel for her. Especially enough to keep reading through the inn part.

So I decided to write a new book one (turning the other book one into book two) of what happened before. With the guy, with her mother, with her sister.

Yes, she has a sister.

New book one is currently called “Emerging of Emerald.” It will alternate perspectives between my main girl and her sister, juxtaposing their lives. While my main girl’s life is finally coming together, her sister’s is speeding toward destruction. While the truth of my main girl doesn’t emerge until the end, the truth of who her sister is emerges early on.

While one sister will start something, the other will ultimately be part of finishing it.

I’m excited.

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  1. Always love a good large-scale story! I'm excited too. ;)