Pronunciation Guide

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

“D” is for d-guys

About d-guys…
~They are a “creature race,” but are humanoid.

~They can live up to 1,000 years, though most don’t get anywhere near that anymore.

~They age about ten times slower than humans. (300 year old d-guy = 30 year old human.)  

~They live in tree-huts in the forest. (Ah, they have my heart.)

~They have pale gray skin and are often referred to as “silver.” (Hint, hint.)

~They have fuchsia (hint, hint again) stripes on their cheeks, hands, left torso, and left leg. The number of stripes varies between men and women. Some special d-guys also have stripes across their shoulder and neck, and more stripes on their torso. (Hint, hint. Wow, I am full of hints today, aren’t I? Muhaha.)

~Possible eye colors are unlimited. (I have a very complicated list of different combinations.)

~They often have two different colored eyes.

~Their hair comes in countless colors too.

~They name their children using the parents’ names, mostly the father’s. (Another complicated list. And a hint. Kind of.)

~They have dark brown skin around their eyes, giving them a gaunt look.

~They are predominantly left-handed; to be right-handed is shameful and viewed as weakness. (As if anyone has control over which side is dominant. Oh, and yet another hint.)

~They value family/race loyalty above all else, yet compassion is violently discouraged.

~Most half-breeds in the world are the result of a d-guy raping a human woman. (In case you thought they were going to be the good guys…)

~It is utterly forbidden for a d-guy to have a romantic relationship with a human. (Yet another hint.)

~They keep humans as slaves and torture them just because they can.

~Because they age slowly, they do not reach maturity for a while, and cannot reproduce as quickly as humans. Their numbers are rapidly dwindling.

~Originally, the story was going to revolve around bringing peace to the land by way of marriage between the d-guy leader and a human girl.

~And finally, that leader is somehow related to my main girl. Bam and muhaha.


  1. Intriguing. It sounds like a really well thought-out culture.

  2. Thank you, Kelsey! Sometimes when I list things like this about my creations, I feel like all of my stuff is dumb haha! =) I was happy with all my hints. I kept surprising myself. I'd write something, and then be like, "OH! That is a hint regarding _______!" Haha! =)