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Monday, April 21, 2014

“C” is for children

“C” is for children

My story began with children.
More specifically, with abortion.

Abortion says it’s okay to kill for convenience because it isn’t really a baby, just a mass of tissue. It’s okay to kill a child if it hasn’t yet been born/reached a certain stage of development, because it isn’t a child – unless you want it to be. (Granted, I know there are some gray areas, like when the mother’s life is in danger or something. I am speaking of the typical mindset of, “Oh, crap, I don’t want to be pregnant!”)

In this story, I imagined the next logical step of that mindset.

If an unborn baby isn’t valuable, then what makes a newborn baby suddenly valuable? If there isn’t a difference between aborting a “fetus” and killing a newborn, then what’s the difference in killing a toddler? What’s the difference in killing a ten year old? Or in killing the elderly?

It gets scary, people. Really fast.

In my story-world, there is no respect for certain forms of life.

So children die. Lots of them. They are discarded because they are half-breeds, unwanted.


The one who came up with the idea to spill the blood of half-breed children for the sake of testing loyalty will be the one who ultimately ends the slaughter.

When he sees the truth of what his ideas have spawned, he will be broken.

And in his brokenness, he will take a stand.

He will lead the people he once tried to destroy.

What else?


  1. I love the Saul to Paul idea. Also, totally with you on the abortion thing.

  2. Yeah, I've actually based a lot of that character on the whole Saul/Paul thing! =) (You've read stuff with him in it. Name starts with a J.) =)