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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why do my cats always come and stand right in front of my computer? Er, I mean…prologuesprologuesprologuesprologues!!!!

Well, yet again…my consistency with this is crap. Ha. I am sorry.

I finished JanNo. 52,947 words total. I kind of slacked off near the end; I had planned to try for 55,000 even (I like fives and zeroes haha!), but, alas, I didn’t. Oh well.

Now it is February. And as per my plan for this year, I am doing…FebNo! (Yes, each month will be like that. MarNo, AprNo…hehe.)


I have figured out a lot of stuff – mainly…PROLOGUES.
Beyond excited about that.

See, back when I first started writing this story, the entire focus of it was different. More along the lines of “love saves the day”. And within that storyline, there was a certain girl that my main girl befriends. (I have never talked of this friend.) That girl was going to marry a specific guy, and, through that union, they’d bring peace to the world. The prologue for book two was originally about that friend, her – well, not so much her past, but her origin.

BUT. Things have changed, as you may (or may not) know. The focus is no longer “love saves the day” – and in fact, I sort of despise that idea. So. ClichĂ©.

As that girl was no longer a focal character, her story doesn’t really have to be known…and so there is little need for it as the book two prologue. That was sort of a bummer, because I really didn’t know what to do for books two and four. (I had book three’s prologue.)

I have batted around like a bazillion different ideas, characters, and just…just all kinds of stuff. Some were somewhat good, but nothing really felt right.

Until one night at work.

I was thinking about prologue stuff, not really coming up with anything – and then it just hit me.

There are three men that my main girl deeply impacts. Three men who have power, who are able to change things in the world. Three men who DO change things.

The book three prologue was already about one of them.

How I didn’t think before to have the other two prologues about the other two, I don’t know. But I didn’t.

Until I did.

And that was what I needed. My heart settled – and both other prologues are now written.
Meaning that I have the prologues for all four books.

And I. Love. Them.


That is all.

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