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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


At about 4 pm yesterday, I finished book one of my tetralogy.


ajskldfjalerkfjalkefjawleuralw;eugoiajelkjf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jalkefjalkerfj!!!!

I don’t really know what else to say, haha!

So, I have officially written TWO books now. Two full-length novels. (And probably way too long, but whatever.)

Now on to editing/tweaking…and writing book two!

I am a little sad, actually, to be preparing to move on. I mean, maybe after editing this one (starting at the beginning and going through, making sure everything flows and fits), I will be ready. But as horrific as this first book is, I always love the beginnings of things. When everything is new.

My hope?

That I will be able to keep the same tone that marked the first book. Not so much the horrible/sad/everything is hopeless tone --- but the intensity of it, the unflinching look at unflinching brutality. What I would hate is for the rest of the story to become light and playful.

And I don’t think that will happen, but still. I want to avoid it.

I want every bit of this story to be grabs-you-by-the-throat-and-doesn’t-let-go.

Well, book one, it’s been crazy. You didn’t go anything like I anticipated, which is so good.

And main girl, here’s to our continued journey.

=D =D =D

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