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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The eve of NaNoWriMo. […I still hate typing that out!]

NaNoWriMo starts at midnight tonight, making tomorrow the first official day.

Annnd…I work 11-9 tomorrow.

Haha! This was poorly planned [well, it wasn’t planned at all, actually!], but I am TRULY going to try to do this 50,000 words thing. I am not the most competitive person, but if I am honest, I really want to have one of those little “winner” ribbons on my NaNoWriMo profile [which you get for writing 50,000 words in November]. They just look so…eeep!

…Ahem. Anywho.

I have already written about…well, I’m a little under 1,000 words right now for today [which, admittedly, does not count toward this challenge], but I am just getting started. I have a few more hours before work, and I AM going to use them well! [Though I need a shower sometime in there. …Which is still using my time well!]

In order to reach 50,000 words by the end of November, I need to write 1,670 words a day. The average is really more like 1,667, but…I have to have things end in either zeros or fives, so…I rounded up. …I am so weird. I may even make it 1,675, which is better than 1,670. …Either way, I am hoping I can actually do this. It doesn’t seem like much when you break it down…but it averages out to 120 pages for the month, 4 pages a day. …I was struggling with 2 pages a day. Eek.

…Sorry for the explosion of numbers in this post. Sheesh.

ANYWAY. I am working on book one today…and I really do not have much left in it. I mean, I am not going to rush it, and I am NOT going to skip over parts that should be in it just so I can be done faster. Uh-uh. It will be all it is meant to be. …BUT. I have about fourteen pages in chapter 18 right now; and about…crap. Hang on. Sixteen in chapter 19. And I don’t know how many will be in chapter 20. But basically what I am saying is, “OH MY GOSH I AM ALMOST DONE!”

Regardless of whether or not I complete the NaNoWriMo challenge, whether I get 50,000 words and “win” it…regardless of whether or not I actually finish book one by the end of November…I just want to finish book one.

I have written a book before. My elf story is complete, cute, like 600 pages, it took me a year to write…and I finished it in 2007. …That, uh…was a while ago. And yes, a LOT has happened to me since then [meeting my husband, everything with our relationship, getting married, personal stuff, working more, etc.], and I have written a LOT since then…and this story is way bigger than that one…but sometimes I have wondered if I can actually do it. If I truly have another book in me. I mean, it is one thing to finish one book. Yeah, not a ton of people do it --- but how many people only write one book, and have nothing else in them? …I don’t want to be that. I mean, I have NO idea how I will ever write anything after this story…but…who knows. And yeah, finishing book one isn’t like a massive accomplishment --- it is basically like finishing the first PART of a story, instead of finishing an actual stand-alone story --- but…it will just be nice.

Nice to have it written, totally.

Nice to have accomplished some of the goals I have set for myself [and I am bad at both setting goals and meeting them].

Nice to be able to move into the aftermath of the inn, instead of it being right in the corner of my eye.

Nice to be able to have some NICE characters for once, sheesh. [If you don’t count the H-guy guard as nice, which, I mean, I do because of course I love him, but…few others will.]

Nice to just…I don’t know…be able to really…see that I am a writer? Haha! Is that lame?

Well…here’s to November being super productive --- let’s do this, Angie!


  1. Hello,

    (This is jefflion from NaNoWriMo board)

    I hear you about being busy, but I think it's manageable to find a time to write those 1670 words per day. Your project is very ambitious so give yourself time. It's important to get it started and going!

    1. Thanks! It is definitely manageable; I just need to be more disciplined than I have been. I am definitely going to try for the 50,000 words --- I want that ribbon haha! --- but if it doesn't happen...I will still be happy with any progress I make!