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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Well, I thought of a challege!

Hello, people!
This is your chance to read something from me that NO ONE ELSE has read! =D

I wrote something cute the other day. It is back-story, but goes with the story, and is from the point of view of a BRAND NEW character. I will explain the setting and circumstances, so even if you haven’t heard ANYTHING from my story at all, you won’t be confused.

The FIRST PERSON to correctly answer these questions wins! Private message me your answers via facebook! [For privacy reasons, I cannot share story parts with people I do not personally know; sorry! Someday I will be able to!] 

You will find most of the answers somewhere on this blog! =)

1. What is one of the main themes of the story? [Hint: There are several possible answers to this one!]

2. What race is my main girl?

3. What is one thing I cannot stand? [Hint: Look at the April posts!]

4. Who is “Fave”?

5. What is the sixteenth random fact about me?

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