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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tear down the walls

Oops, been almost a week. Sorry about that.

Update on the 2-PAD challenge: I now have about 19 pages in the actual story; 9 in back-story stuff. In just under two weeks, I have added 28 pages to my…arsenal. Muhaha. Arsenal. Makes me think of weapons, and I like weapons. I’d like my story to be a weapon…that’d be…neat.

…Ahem. Anyway.

Today, I’d like to talk about a very rarely-mentioned aspect of my story --- the k-guys. [OH. Just realized I need to update this page with their information! …Nope, already did it. Outsmarted myself again.]


The k-guys are my other creature-race.

I haven’t written much with them --- and really, the only part I have with “them” is really just with a “him”. I have created several characters of this race, but they aren’t in the story yet.

And, really…I’m not sure what to say about it/them/him.

It’s complicated…and I also don’t want to give away plot stuff.

…Um, basically, the d-guys and k-guys used to be allies and friends, many centuries ago. Then something happened. The k-guys did something that the d-guys thought was wrong, cowardly; and the k-guys felt betrayed because the d-guys didn’t come to their defense.

Thus…a rift opened between them…a rift that, truly, could have been easily mended.

…But no one talked about it. No one was willing to go to the other and explain, or try to understand.

Instead, pride kept both sides staunchly quiet.

And in the silence…the rift grew.
And grew.
And grew…

…Until the k-guys, in their anger, in their feelings of betrayal, in their desperation to make everything just go away…did something awful.

And the rift…became a severing.
And then, horrified…the k-guys ran away and hid.

Misunderstanding and pride…swelled into thoughts and feelings of betrayal.
Those thoughts and feelings of betrayal, left to fester…grew into anger and bitterness.
And anger and bitterness…exploded into violence and true betrayal.
…And true betrayal…finalized itself as total abandonment.

And for the past several thousand years, the k-guys have deteriorated in their hiding place.

And the d-guys have carried the betrayal, abandonment, and hatred…passing it down with each generation.

No one who was actually there, who personally experienced the severing, is still alive by the time the story takes place.

Yet both races --- more so with the d-guys --- live as if it happened to them, personally; or at least to their parents. They don’t merely remember the past…they exist within it. They can’t let it go. They can’t move on. They dwell on it, they immerse themselves in it.

The k-guys can’t forgive themselves for being the monsters they think they are.

The d-guys blame the k-guys for everything wrong in the world.

Each person of each race bears some part of the burden of a fractured relationship that they had no part in. And they perpetuate the hatred, each parent instilling it in their children.

…And nothing is fixed. Nothing is healed. There is no reconciliation.

And so the infection…just keeps poisoning its prisoner…until both races are literally crumbling from the inside out.

I did a Beth Moore Bible study earlier this year. One of the things she talked about was generational sin/bondage --- sins/mindsets/behaviors passed down from parent to child, parent to child. It manifests itself in many ways --- racism, a victim mentality, anger issues, unforgiveness…and so on. A typical one is a divided family. The original rift might be over something silly [like Aunt Edna not asking Aunt Eunice to help plan a baby shower]…but left unchecked, bitterness grows…and becomes criticism…and anger…then hatred. And finally, five generations down the line, no one remembers anything about the original issue. The Timson side of the family just knows they don’t speak to the Wilson side, and the Wilson side knows all of the Timsons are snobs and idiots and so they have nothing to do with them. [I just pulled random last names from my head. …This is why I don’t make up last names for my characters; I stink at it.]

Naturally, it might be something serious too…but the same principle applies. Everyone is affected by previous generations. And everyone carries brokenness with them, on them, in them…unless they choose to lay it down, and be different.

Forgiveness and redemption are the huge themes of the story, shown largely because of the story arc with a certain guy and my main girl.

But this whole aspect of the k-guys and d-guys hating each other, and all of the hurt and anger between them…is like…even huger than that somehow. Because it has gone on for so long, it just makes the stakes higher or something. At least in my head.

I don’t really know yet where it is going.
But I am excited.

…Sorry if any of that was confusing! ;) Well, not really…I’m only sorry if it was too confusing to follow!

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