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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

…Oh dear, work just called me.

This is just going to be a quick update!

1. I have written just under 41 pages [between story and back-story stuff] since beginning the 2-PAD writing challenge. I am ahead of what I should be [should have 36 by the end of today], BUT…not as far as I was. Because of that cushion, I slacked off for a few days. But no more! I shall recapture the ground I lost, and focus on writing at least two pages EVERY day, regardless of whether I have twenty more than I should or not.

2. I have successfully saved the life of Des, the character described in this post, which I had originally planned to kill [albeit very reluctantly]. …I am a sucker. No one else would save this guy. He is…bad. Just bad. But I, of course, am in love with him. I roll my eyes at myself.

3. I am in the process of changing the interactions between my main girl and her love interest. Um, tiny spoiler alert [though not if you know me; hopeless romantic right here]…there is only one love interest throughout the whole story. Yes indeed, yes indeed. =) …Anywho…what I wrote for their original reunion…is now unrealistic. I think when I wrote it…I either had it that she wasn’t in the inn very long, or that he didn’t feel guilty for anything. But that has changed; she is in the inn for a while, she IS broken there…and he does feel horrible for what he didn’t do. And he will feel even more horrible when he finds out what happened to her after he left her. …So I am working on fixing it, making their interactions fit their personalities at this point in the story…making it make sense with the things I have both of them feeling. …It’s been fun. Shall be more fun!

…I think that is pretty much it. =D

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