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Friday, September 6, 2013

Daw, I’s so proud of meself. …I have no idea what dialect that is supposed to be.

Sooo…I wrote a few days ago about how I am doing this Two-Page-a-Day [henceforth, 2-PAD] Writing Challenge via a facebook group. I almost didn’t do it, didn’t think I could. Made excuses. …Then I realized that it would be super good for me…so I joined the group and committed in my heart to do it.  

As much as I love writing, and truly want to write all the time…I am embarrassingly undisciplined with it. Like, seriously. It’s awful how much I don’t actually write. I go with my feelings more than anything else, and oftentimes, I don’t “feel” like writing. My head hurts, I have no ideas, no inspiration, I’m overthinking a certain part [me, overthink something!?] and don’t know what needs to happen next…and instead of making myself sit down and work through it, I’m like, “…Eh, I’ll watch some Goosebumps!”


I’ve read many things about becoming more disciplined; I’ve rarely done them. One that kept coming up was the concept of setting a timer and writing until it went off. I always thought that that was dumb, that it wasn’t for me. But, a few weeks ago [or something like that], I started doing it.

And, lo and behold, it actually does help.
I usually go into it not feeling like doing anything story-wise, totally idea-less, and lacking needed inspiration. …Wondering what I will do with myself for 45 minutes, and how I will remain off of facebook for that dreadfully long period of time.

…Yet, nearly every time I’ve done this, I ended up resetting the timer at least once…and usually more like three times.

…So much for not having anything to write, right? Ha!
And, shockingly, facebook isn’t all that hard to forget about.

The 2-PAD challenge started this past Sunday, the 1st. I didn’t write that day, and had to make up the two pages the next day. [That was slightly intimidating; I wasn’t sure I could do two pages, and now I had to do four!? Ack.]

Going by their schedule, I should, by the end of today, have twelve pages.

As of right now…I have just over eight in the actual story, and just over five in the back-story part. [And that doesn’t count little parts that I have added as I’ve edited.]

Grand total = about 13½! And I haven’t even written my two pages for today yet!

So, I am proud of myself. I’m still being super undisciplined; this week, I have barely had to work, and I’ve had entire days to spend writing. I haven’t taken full advantage of that time. Instead, knowing I have the whole day, I fiddle-fart around…and finally get around to actually sitting down with the timer at about 8. …PM.

Ugh. Really? Sigh.

BUT…I am doing better. =) And I am happy with my progress.
Here’s to hoping I keep it up next week, when I work more!

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