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Monday, September 23, 2013

Big changes!

Been MIA for a while. Sorry about that! I don’t really even know why. I have been really stressed lately, about the whole 2-PAD challenge. I got ahead quite quickly…and because I had extra pages, I slacked off instead of staying disciplined. Grr. So…I am going to really try to buckle down and NOT do that anymore!

ANYWAY, the other day, I finally allowed myself to realize two things.

One, if I keep my original plotline, and keep everything in book one that I’ve planned to have in book one…it will end up being like 700+ pages long.

Two, if I want to keep it shorter than that [which I do], then I must skim over a ton of the next part of the story.

…I don’t want a first book that is that long…and I don’t want to skim over things, or summarize what shouldn’t be summarized.

Therefore…I have decided to move a ton of stuff from book one…to book two.

It is a little scary, and I’m kind of bummed because I really like the original ending of book one. BUT…I think this will work much better. I didn’t have much for book two anyway --- and the ending stuff I’ve come up with will still work as the ending. So…yesh. =)

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