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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why do cats sleep so much? I mean, seriously.

Yesterday, I…

1. Worked on a part with…dun, dun, dunn…the LOVE INTEREST! Yayayayay!! It’s after he comes back into the story [spoiler alert? Eh, not really; this is me, after all], and they are talking about what happened to her in the inn. I’ve had this part for a while, but while it was super sweet [love him!], it always felt…lacking. He was sorry, but he didn’t…seem sorry enough? Like, he breezed over it too quickly, and moved on to his main point. And while it isn’t his fault, exactly…you better believe he’s going to feel like it’s his fault, and think it’s his fault. So he cannot breeze over it; it all but destroys him, especially when she first tells him about it. I mean, before, it was kind of like:

Her: “I was at this inn, and while I was there, really bad stuff happened…”
Him: “That’s awful, I hate it…buuuut I still think about you, and I still think I’d like to marry you.”

…Adorable, and healing for her…but, um…wait a second, he needs to be a little more fazed!?

…SO…I changed it. Wrote a new part of the conversation…and…it is precious. He is much more remorseful [again, not his fault], and she…has the chance to either crush him, or offer healing. One guess as to what she does. ;) ;) [I am so predictable.]

OH…and by the way…the actions that he is so devastated by…are redeemed. Hugely. Like…hugely.

2. Worked on a dream she has way before the aforementioned part [that takes place in probably book three; this is book one]. It’s a dream she has right before she is found by…ooh, dun, dun, dunnn…the half-breed group! Ahh! So much excitement! But this dream…it is super awesome and freaky. Like, without giving too much away, she is half-asleep…and half-hallucinating. And so in the dream, when she is running…she is literally running.

3. This led to me panicking and thinking that that dream won’t work the way I want it to --- because I remembered that she is hurt. How I forgot that, I don’t know; sometimes I am just dumb, okay? She twisted her ankle, badly. BUT…adrenaline will kick in, and she will run…because she thinks her life is in danger.

4. …I think that might be it. =)

Anywho…so…going to really try to work on chapter 18 today!
I’ll keep ya posted.

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