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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy

Yesterday, I wrote briefly about how a certain character’s past enables her to relate very much to my main girl. Their stories are vastly different…yet similar in that they were both tricked, coerced, lied to…and found themselves in awful, desperate situations.

My main girl stays where she is because she is literally trapped --- as in, locked in. There is a threat on her life, and on what will happen to her, if she disobeys or tries to escape.

In contrast, this other girl stays where she is because she is trying to protect her little sister. There is a threat on her life, and on what will happen to her sister, if she disobeys or tries to escape.

…I know it is brutal. I do. For the horror of the situation, I hate it. It makes me so incredibly sick.

…But it is happening, daily. In every part of the world. And if I am going to write a book about trafficking…I can’t shy away from the brutality of it.

This other girl’s story reminds me hugely of the video I saw, the video that started everything. I don’t remember all of the details of the video-girl’s story…but I know that the big reason she didn’t try to escape her captors was to protect her family.

This…is my story-version of that.

And I love it. I love it in the way that I love the idea of a certain guy coming back into the story, having been transformed. I love it because it fits…because it adds another dimension of intensity and beauty to the whole thing…and because there is redemption.

Because while the horror that this other girl goes through is indeed horror…it makes her who she is. It hurts her, but it also changes her. It teaches her how to really trust men, that there are men that can be fully trusted. It enables her to understand the fear that other girls deal with when it comes to the decision of going with the group of half-breeds. It fills her with a burden for girls who have been hurt and used like she was. It enables her to connect with my main girl in a way that will be healing and freeing for not only the two of them, but for many other girls to come.

Who better to minister to a former sex slave…than a former sex slave?

Who better to walk through the process of healing from such trauma…than one who has walked those exact steps?

…I just like it.

Annnd…I started figuring another aspect of this last night. The following is my plan at the moment…if anything about it seems unrealistic or dumb, please tell me!

…When this certain girl finally gets away from where she was, she is found by the half-breed group. [Who, for the record, are probably the only “good guys” in the story, at the moment.] When she goes with that group [which consists of mostly men], she does NOT trust them. She thinks it will be like the situation she just left. She is prepared to be their sex slave. She expects nothing else from men. She thinks that if she knows what she is getting into, and goes willingly, she will have some control over the situation. She thinks her sister is dead, and she believes it is her fault. She thinks she isn’t good for anything besides being used anyway, and at least they’ll be providing her some sort of shelter and food. Her spirit is shattered, her will to live teetering on the edge. She’s been through sheer hell; what more could the world throw at her?

The men of the group begin to earn her trust…but refusing her. By consistently refusing to take advantage of her, by elevating her and insisting that she is worth respecting and caring for…by choosing to love her as a sister instead of using her as a means of pleasure.

Bit by bit, she will begin to soften. She will begin to see herself through their eyes…begin to believe them when they tell her that they care about her as a person. Begin to feel worth something more than what that other man reduced her to. And eventually, it will get to the point where she will stop propositioning them, and start accepting their friendship and brother-ship. And even beyond that, she will join the group that found her; she will go to the towns with them and help convince street-girls that the group is a safe place. Because she, of anyone, knows what the men truly want.

…Does that make sense?

[Oh, and her sister is not dead. ;) Pfft, I can’t kill characters.]

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