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Friday, August 2, 2013

Most scattered update ever. …Maybe. …Probably not.

Welp. It has been a week again. Grr.

I am figuring stuff out…but not for the part I’d like to be working on. I am really going to try to look into chapter 17 stuff today…and leave the book two stuff alone. Ack. BUT…what I’ve been doing in book two…

Actually, that is a lie. Things start in book two, but the most recent stuff I’ve done is for book three.

What have I been doing, you ask?

…Well…I kind of can’t tell you. I started writing it out, and realized it is kind of a huge spoiler. And I’ve given enough of those.

…So…you will have to wait. =)

I will say that someone dies, someone else freaks out, and bad things almost happen to my main girl. Then bad things do actually happen to my girl [different bad things], someone comes to get her, stuff happens that I don’t know yet…and someone lies publicly in order to protect my girl.

…And…I REALLY need to work on chapter 17!

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