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Monday, August 19, 2013

Ideas and brutality and tests and ohmygoodness!!

I’ve gotten some really good ideas over the past few days. Brutal ideas, some of them…but so, so good. It is making things fit together in ways I didn’t expect or hope for.

…I just don’t know how to explain them…without feeling like I have to explain everything. And if I try to explain everything, I will just confuse you, because I can’t use actual names/descriptions/etc.

…Let’s see.

1. H-guys start out as a certain rank/title. In order to advance to the next rank, they must pass a test. [The test is the new idea; I’ve already had the ranks and stuff.] [Side note: If you are unfamiliar with the term, an “H-guy” is simply a human who is member of the ruling group.]

2. The test is to do something very awful, to prove that they have no compassion for the enemy…in any of its forms. If you pass the test, you advance. If you fail or refuse to do it, you are done as an H-guy, forever.

3. This means that any H-guys in the story --- even the nice ones --- …have passed the test. That really intensifies the situation. …And underscores the brainwashing even more.

4. This also means that a certain character who is forced to be an H-guy eventually faces this test. And, in order to keep the rest of his family safe…in order to keep up the guise that he is loyal to the H-guys when he is not…he has to pass it. …And that…intensifies that situation. Oh goodness, that poor guy…

5. In an entirely different vein, a certain H-guy refuses to do what it takes to pass the test.

6. He is kicked out, disowned, abandoned. This leads to his emotional downfall…which leads to him doing something terrible that directly affects a main character, and my main girl.

7. The idea for the test is quite new…and I’ve decided that a certain H-guy --- namely, “Fave” [if you remember me talking about him from THIS post] --- is the one who came up with the idea.

8. And as bad as that makes him…it is great. Because I want him to be bad. Really bad. He can’t just be a nice guy who makes a mistake; he needs to be a horrible guy who finally does the thing that leads to his undoing [and then transformation and redemption].

9. This also fits immensely with two Biblical characters I kind of have had in mind for Fave --- Paul [Acts – New Testament], and King Manasseh [read about him here!]. Paul has long been an inspiration; I’ve based several things in Fave’s past off of Paul’s given past. Manasseh is one of the most beautiful and unlikely tales of redemption ever…and this test idea mirrors some stuff that Manasseh did which made him so evil.

10. Because the test is new, it allows for there to be lots of people of a certain race…when otherwise, I was struggling to figure out how so many of them had survived. So, now, these certain people have only really been hunted for the past fifteen years [or less; haven’t worked that out yet]…

11. …Meaning that anyone older than fifteen [or, actually, nineteen] would have just been able to grow up. On the streets, yes, but people do that everywhere and survive. Without this certain race actively being hunted and killed…there can then be more of them that live…and subsequently band together. Then, when the hunting of their race starts…they would be old enough to start going around and rescuing the targeted ones of their race.

…And that, my friends…is more than I have time for. Must go now! Sorry for typos!

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