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Monday, August 26, 2013

Dreams and story arcs and…stuff!


So, I haven’t done a ton of story stuff lately --- lots of personal stuff going on --- but I DID manage to complete…chapter 17! Yay yay yay!

It might just be the weirdest chapter so far in this story. …Um, and by “weirdest” I mean…weird in my mind. For others, it will probably feel like the most normal-book chapter. That is because, try as I might, some part of me is stuck in the inn.

…I guess that is good --- because many aspects of my main girl need to remain stuck in the inn as well. It must be something she can’t get over, can’t just spring back from as if it didn’t happen. Because it did happen, and it was horrible. Which has made chapter 17 difficult --- because I want to show her pure relief at being free, and her survival instinct kicking in; but at the same time, it would be insensitive and unrealistic to have her just go on as if nothing happened, as if her time there was just a small detour, and now she is back to where she started.

…But, in many ways…that is sort of how it is.  

Before the story started…some stuff happened. [Not telling! And I have no idea when you will actually find out in the story.] This stuff led to her being where she is when the book opens. It also made it so she had nowhere to go, and no one to go to. Very hopeless situation.

Then she ended up in the inn. And her hopeless situation…plummeted to a whole new level of hopelessness. Like twenty times, it did that. 

My story does not look like this:

My story looks like this:

 …Okay, yes, that is an exaggeration. [And a dreadful drawing.] …But not much. Haha!

ANYWAY…so the inn was awful. But now that she is out…she once again has nowhere to go…and no one to go to.

…So yeah, 17 has been interesting.

I did figure something out though, I think. I was going to have it that in between her escape and her being found by certain people…she was going to have lots of dreams. Really terrifying dreams. And while some of that can happen, there simply isn’t enough time for her to have all of the dreams I wanted to her have --- PLUS…it would mean that like three entire chapters would be nothing but dreams…and very, very similar dreams. Can’t have that.

SO…she could have a dream or two before she is found. That works, and I have one in particular that is just…awesome. Just awesome. Then, after she is found…she could continue to have them periodically.

Basically, what I am trying to do with the inn from this part on…is make it so it never fully leaves her mind. It’s always right there to whisper defeat into her heart…always there to strike down every sliver of happiness she starts to feel. And the dreams fit right into that. I might not be able to keep every single one…but they could be spread out over a period of time even after she is no longer with the half-breed group.

…Oh, what? “No longer with the half-breed group” --- you don’t know what that means? …You will. Muhaha.

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