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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

…Ah, poo, gotta think of a title again. Um…inn-vasion plot?

…I have a slight dilemma.

So, my half-breed group is going to go back to the inn to get the rest of the girls out. [Yay!] The plan is rather complicated, especially if you don’t know the story, so I am not even going to try to summarize it. Basically, there are lots of people, each with a role to play. Of these people, one girl is a decoy; one guy is a fake customer.

I was working on this part, where my main girl is telling that guy what exactly he will have to do. What he does to get in is solid. But as I was writing what he does to get the decoy girl out, I was like, “…Um, wouldn’t it be much easier if he just killed the innkeeper?”

Well, duh.

Yet I am torn, because one of the big focal points for the group is stealth. They want to get in and out without anyone seeing, knowing, or even suspecting. Lives depend on it. The group is killing people downstairs, yes --- but to kill the innkeeper, who is upstairs…that sort of undermines the whole sneaking-in-and-out thing.

…BUT…at the same time, if they leave the innkeeper alive, she will just capture new girls; the current girls will be free, but new girls will soon take their places. …As long as the innkeeper is alive, the brothel will stay open.

And that…cannot happen.

So something has to give.
And it has to be stealth. 
So I guess it is not much of a dilemma, ha!

The group’s immediate goal is to rescue the current girls.
But the second aspect of their goal is shutting down the inn, for good.

…So…the fake customer guy will go go downstairs, let the group inn, help everyone get out, then go back upstairs and finish the job. Then he and the decoy girl will go outside and meet the group at the meeting place.

…At least, that is the plan.

It doesn’t exactly happen like that.

=) …and =’(

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