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Thursday, July 11, 2013

I am tired of hitting myself on things. Who invented elbows anyway? …Sheesh.

Well, hi!

It is 6:05 AM, and I am up and fully awake. Go me. =) [It is largely because I have to work this morning.] Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while…I haven’t really done a whole lot that I know how to explain. [Or done a whole lot period!] There isn’t much on my mind at the moment [I might be awake, but I am not really thinking of things yet], but I did want to post an update:

1. It stormed yesterday, intensely, for maybe twenty minutes or so. Storms are awesome and inspiring. In the story part I’m on [chapter 17], there will likely be a brutal storm within the next few days. Yep. =)

2. I can’t find the information I want on forest fires. I need to know the first signs of one. Do you see/smell smoke? See fleeing animals? Hear the blaze roaring in the distance? …The issue with this is that my girl is IN the forest, near where the fire starts. It would be easy to write if she were outside of the forest; then, duh, smoke would be the first sign. But she is surrounded by trees…so…what does she notice first? Ack!!?

3. …I am relatively stuck. …It stinks to say this, but I am. I don’t know where to go from here [within chapter 17]. My girl is away from the inn, near a new town, but very much outside of it. She gets a faint reprieve from all of the emotional crap she’s endured…is allowed to think that the horror is truly over. Flashbacks are coming, as well as dreams --- intense, terrifying dreams. The struggle with this is…I don’t know which dream starts it off. I mean, I have a thought…but it doesn’t really make sense I guess? The dream in question starts with her in a city, and she is currently not in a city, nor would she go into one. That would be the dead giveaway that it was a dream. And while I do try to put hints in each dream of its falseness…I don’t want to be that obvious. …So I don’t know. I don’t want it to be cliché. So it will be up in the air for a while…

4. I really, really like the part at the end of book 2 [back to the fire stuff now; side note, I keep writing “firest” --- trying to merge “fire” and “forest”, haha!]. It is just…cool. And creepy. And scary. And horrifying. And so of course I like it. [I did add some aspects to it to make it seems more…um…demonic. Like, the guy in that part…I added some stuff to what he does/looks like, in attempt to make it clearer what is going on. Love.]

5. I started a new blog, a marriage blog; did this yesterday. I’m still not sure if I should be doing it; it feels weird in many ways. I don’t really even know why. I guess because I read several marriage blogs…and I feel like I have to, I don’t know…be a certain way? Write a certain way, talk about certain things? I don’t even know what I am feeling about it…but I am going to just try to be as real as possible, like I am on this one. [Though I will try to keep the posts much shorter than these tend to be!]

6. And, I think the last thing is that I added some stuff in the part where she meets the group of people, the nice ones. One of the girls talks about certain towns, simply telling of her past and what happened to her --- but those towns are ones that my girl has heard of. Gives credibility to this group, helps her to believe that they aren’t lying [as she knows those towns actually exist], and is part of what enables her to extend enough trust to go with them.

…So…I believe that it is all, really. =) Sorry for the boringness!

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