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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

…Hey, at least there are pictures!

So, yesterday…I worked on the part of the story where a group of people goes to the inn to rescue the girls. Great part. …Insane part.

…Unfortunately, I wasn’t actually writing --- apart from an outline of the part, which I eventually drifted from. It became about maps, character placement, which girls are rescued and in what order, where people are, where people are when certain things happen, where people end up after those certain things happen…the plan of how the rescue is supposed to go…on and on.


Not so much because that part is insane and confusing and chaotic --- which it is --- but because I already had Paint maps of the girls’ rooms. I already had decided who was rescued. I already knew who was part of the rescue group. But that wasn’t working perfectly, and it was weird to me…so I had to fix it. I had to move girls’ rooms, change the indicating colors, change the order of names…and…I just…

It was just WAAAAYY too many maps that looked WAAAAYY too similar.

Here is just an idea of what this looked like:

This is the inn. The gray is a tunnel. The brown is stairs. The dark gray/black is the hallway. The black lines coming off of it are leading to character names, which you cannot see. The boxes are the rooms. The colored boxes are rooms where there are girls. The different colors indicate different things. For instance, the purple/pink-hued ones are the girls rescued during the first attempt. The green/blue-hued ones are the girls that are rescued during the second attempt. [The group goes twice.] The yellow was my main girl’s room, while she was there. What makes it confusing is that not all of the girls are there are the same point in the story, and both green girls and purple girls are present during the first rescue attempt. Does that make sense? The purple-boxed girls are the ones that SAVED during the first rescue, but they are not the only girls THERE are that point in time.

In. Sane.

And this is my drawing, my attempt to figure out where and when and who and…ahhh!

Ooh, you get to see parts of names on this one! Haha! This, obviously, is the inn as well. The different colors indicate different things [yay for having different-colored dry erase markers!].

…Uh, it is probably better if I don’t try to explain this one. You will be lost anyway. I was lost, and I was the one doing it. If something regarding my story overwhelms and confuses ME, then, well, you will be more overwhelmed and more confused. And I was super confused doing this. [Yay for dry erase stuff period!]

…But, briefly, the names in black are the inn-girls. The numbers indicate the order of rooms gone to. Red lines are girls that are rescued; blue lines show rooms where there are currently men. Red names are people doing a specific thing in a somewhat specific place; green are people who are moving back and forth. Exceptions to this are the green names near the top, and the green name to the right side. I do not know why I made those green. [I was really struggling to not explode.] Names in blue…are…the people who do not survive this attempt. …Yep, I am actually killing characters. I hate myself. …Not really, but I am sad about it. Everyone dies well; that is my only consolation.


…I really have nothing else to say. This is a totally boring update, which doesn’t tell you much of anything. Oh well. I have those days. =)

…At least you know I think things through!

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