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Friday, June 21, 2013

Uh, a tale of three men. …I know, I know, my titles are lame.

I’ve recorded several ideas to myself this week, and I’ve been wanting to write about what I’ve been kind of figuring out, but it is really complicated. Largely because I can’t really explain it in enough detail to, you know…have it make any sense. …I can try, though!

…All right. Let’s do this.

In this world, a certain group of people controls everything --- H-guys. I’ve written about this before. In case you missed it…H-guys are human, from all five nations, they are kind of like the KKK, and they rule the world.

There are three specific characters --- three very prominent H-guys from the most powerful nation.

The first is the one who literally controls EVERYTHING. He is…River. We’ll call him that.

The second guy is…haha, Jerk. ;) […You’ll understand these nicknames someday.]

The third is Fave. [For “favorite”; of course. …This is not just for the character, but for the king he is named after.]

With me so far? River is the highest guy, Jerk is the second-highest, and Fave is the third-highest.

…Now. A couple of years before the story actually starts, the ranks were different. River was still the top guy, but there was a different second guy. [I don’t know who; I need to figure that out.] River promoted Fave from fifth-highest to third-highest, and Jerk was the fourth-highest. Much drama ensued at this decision; Jerk got mad that Fave was a higher rank than him, and he tried to threaten River never to promote Fave again.

A few months before the story starts, the other second guy has to be replaced. [I think he dies/is killed. Perhaps River actually kills him. I don’t know. …I just thought of that right now, but I really like it.] The most natural thing in the story-world is that Fave would move up to second-highest, and Jerk would become third-highest. Everyone expects this. BUT…instead, River promotes Jerk over Fave. Fave remains third, while Jerk is now second. [Following?] …Jerk is thrilled, cocky, and Fave is devastated and eventually…snaps. Muhaha.


Originally, Fave was going to change, become a spy…and keep sneaking back and forth between the d-guys and the H-guys, pretending to still be loyal to the H-guys, but really seeking ways to destroy them on behalf of the d-guys.

BUT…what I am thinking is this: River’s plan, after Jerk tried to threaten him, was to punish Jerk. To show him that he, River, is in control, and that Jerk is not. River’s punishment is to give Jerk what he wants [second-highest position], then publicly take it away and demote him back to what he was several years prior [back to fourth]. I think that he should still do that. Demote Jerk back to fourth-highest, and put Fave in the second-highest position [the position he’s always wanted].


Jerk will never mess with River again, because clearly River has total control. Yay for him. Jerk can either humble himself, accept his punishment, and be happy that River is “merciful”…or he can die. …Not sure yet what he’ll do.

…Basically, what I want is this: For River’s vindictiveness to lead to his downfall, and the downfall of the entire regime. He betrays Fave’s trust, and in doing so, he unwittingly seals his fate. [EDIT: I just realized, reading back through this…that this can totally fall under the prophecy line that the world will set to fracture from top to bottom. Who says it has to fracture solely because people change their mindsets about things? It can fracture because people are idiots too!] He believes that he can string Fave along while punishing Jerk…and Fave will still remain loyal because he is just that loyal. But remember how I said Fave “snaps”? Well, he does. And that snapping leads to…everything. Had River not been so vindictive, had he simply promoted Fave to second-highest and Jerk to third like everyone expected…Fave would not have snapped, and the story would still probably be about romantic love saving the day. …Ugh.

But, River IS vindictive, he IS manipulative, and this whole punishment-of-Jerk/snapping-of-Fave thing IS going to happen.

SO…my idea is that sometime between my girl meeting Fave for the second time, and him leaving and then returning…River does this whole demote/promote thing. By this point, Fave has changed [he has changed by the second time she meets him]…he is good, and he no longer wants to be second-highest. But, in order to further destroy his old regime, he will take the position. SO…by the time that Fave returns into the story for the third time…he is now second-highest person in the world.

Make sense?

THAT would create some trust issues, yes? [I mean, like…in addition to…every other reason she naturally wouldn’t trust him.]

What I am trying to figure out is how River can survive long enough to see how his plan backfired. Like, I want him to SEE. I want him to know. I want him to realize that his efforts to control everyone and everything…have been his undoing. I want him to watch his carefully constructed regime fall apart --- and not just fall apart because of others trying to take over, but fall apart because of Fave changing. And Fave changes because he snaps, and he snaps because Jerk is promoted above him. And Jerk is promoted above him because River wants to punish him. …Is this making sense?

I want River to have that moment of realizing that he betrayed the wrong man…that he destroyed himself, essentially, because he just had to prove that he had control. …I can’t quite find the words to explain it. I just want him to come to a place where he is like, “…Oh. Oh.”

…But I don’t really want him to die. I love him too, because I am weird, and because…he is just…ajlskdfjaelrg. He is bad, but he’s not bad, you know? I want there to be a chance of redemption for him. I don’t want Jerk to die either. As much as I want these men to come to the realization of what they’ve done…I want them to be redeemed even more.

Ah, such a sucker I am.

You probably aren’t even reading this anymore; I probably lost you twenty minutes ago.

If you did make it to this line, well, thank you! If not, sorry. It will make sense someday!


  1. I made it through all of it. It make sense. Somebody have to die in my opinion.

  2. Cool! I read the whole thing, just saying! Can't wait to read your...what did you call it...tetralogy? And I agree with Terrell - ya gotta kill at least one of these dudes!

  3. Thanks, guys!

    Siiiigh, I know. I hate killing. I think I know which one should, one makes more sense to kill than the other. I think. For the good of the world, River probably should die; Jerk CAN be saved. Though...I do not know!!!! Ahhhhh! Maybe if all of this goes down, and River sees what he's done...he could be saved, and Jerk will descend into pride that he cannot come back from. Hmm. Ahhh!

    We shall see!

    Sorry for any typos; on my phone!

  4. Oh, and in case there was any question, Fave is not killable. Ha! His fate is already set!