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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I really think I need a nap. Or some hard candy. Someone please buy me some hard candy.

I have been writing a lot of super-long updates.
This will not be one of them.
I am just going to say a few things:

1. I am working on chapter 17 now. I have…about five consecutive pages. [I am pooped, but not stopping yet!]
2. Within those five pages, she finds herself alone again, finally. Happy day! [Bye-bye, sweet guard. I may be the only one who fully grasps your sweetness, but…I mean, come on, he gives her food and money! And he’s an H-guy! He’s sweet, okay!?]
3. She also has the first of many breakdowns where she laughs and cries uncontrollably.
4. I like that she does both, and that she can’t help it. Trying to incorporate a lot of post-traumatic stress into this.
5. She feels like things are over now that she is out.
6. …For a moment, Satan is going to allow her to feel like this is true. Then he is going to destroy her.
7. I am really mean to my characters.
8. I have some awesome [read: intense, terrible, and terrifying] dreams in store. Muhaha. Flashbacks too, but mostly dreams.
9. I don’t really like some aspects of what I have written for this part, so I will need to tweak it a bit. Not sure how it needs to change, but it does. Just slightly.
10. Within the next couple of chapters, she will meet some new people [!!!!!!], and I will finally be able to add in what was the very original idea for this story. And by “very original”, I mean “literally from ten years ago” --- that a girl who is somehow different somehow meets other people like herself. Bam. It’s almost here. Almost here!!!!
11. This is a relatively short update. So be happy. Though you should still go and read my longer ones.
12. Oh, one more thing --- the poisoning that was happening at the inn…yeah, she’s coming off of it now. After being exposed to it for five weeks, she is now completely away from it, and it is going to mess with her system for a while. That will be fun.
13. Last thing: I am super tired. My brain is nearing the “fried” stage. I apologize if none of this makes much sense. Haha!

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