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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hijacked, yet again. =)

I have been working on chapter 16 today. And, once again, my plan for the way things should go…has been hijacked by God.

After fourteen chapters of not knowing if my girl would ever get out, she got out. [Hallelujah!!] And I was going to have the second part of her escape go much smoother than the first --- meaning that after the hell [sorry; that is what it was] she went through to get out of the inn, she would just be able to walk out of the city. [In a slapdash disguise.] It felt cliché to have the guards discover what she is, and for there to be this whole other big thing on top of the chapters it took for her to escape the inn. It was going to be a surprise, sort of, for her to just be able to leave with no fuss.

I had it all written, including the conversation she has with the guards, and the conversation between the two of them that she overhears [which I love because it is…I’m not telling!]. I really liked the whole thing, because she is scared out of her mind, but they aren’t paying much attention to her, and they don’t really care much…and it was just going to be, like, refreshing. Refreshing to see men in the story that are NOT trying to hurt her [men of the same regime that has been hurting her]…refreshing for her to have something come easily.

This morning, I looked at that part, planning to simply tweak some things and move on to her being out in the wonderful wilderness again.

But but but.

Two things happened.

One, I looked at my towns map. There is nowhere for her to go once she leaves the city; the nearest cities are not very near. This didn’t seem to be a problem before, because she doesn’t want to go to another city anyway. …But, since there is NOT a nearby city [one she could conceivably reach before nightfall]…
…the guards won’t and can’t let her just walk out of the city by herself. That is the second thing.

This led to me writing several more pages of this whole scene…and it comes down to this:

The only way she can leave the city, realistically…is if someone goes with her.  

And by “someone”, I mean…one of them.

A guard.
…A man.

After having been in the inn for over a month, she is utterly terrified of men. And especially THOSE men.

…But, in order to be realistic and have the guards NOT be idiots [which they are not]…she has to ride on a horse for several hours with one of THEM to get to the place she said she was going.

…Oh, can you even IMAGINE the tension?!

I am just about beside myself.

I love the tension, of course…but even more than that…I LOVE that for the past fourteen chapters, all we have really seen of this group is cruel, abusive, perverted men. The only man who has been different appeared only in flashbacks. In her mind, all men are terrible and want to rape her and hurt her. But now, even though she doesn’t WANT to go to a city, and that is where the guard is going to take her…he thinks he is helping her. He is trying to help her. He is arranging things so he can help her. He cares. And she cannot begin to receive it. She is just trying to keep from panicking/being discovered.

She has seen nothing but men’s cruelty for the past fourteen chapters. She pretty much expects nothing but cruelty.
But now…she is about to see kindness from a man of that same group.

…I just love it.

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