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Friday, May 3, 2013

You reached out in love to show me life

Wow, it’s almost been a week. Sorry about that. …At least I’ve been doing story stuff!

So. I figured something out the other day…something big. And last week, I figured out something equally as big. These two things…though somewhat connected, are quite different ideas…and I’ve been needing both for a while. Like…I don’t even know how long. …I’m sorry if my thoughts throughout this are scattered; Simba is playing with a box and being rather loud and sporadic, as cats tend to be when they play with boxes. At least my cats.

It is kind of hard to tell, but the box he is in is actually inside a bigger box.

…Anyway…back to what I was saying. The two big story parts that I recently figured out…oh my goodness. It is just so, so good to have these parts. I can’t explain…but just know that things are coming together!

I am so excited. lasjglajerglkj2!!

…BUT…I did want to talk about something that I dislike in my story.

The title of this post is from a song I was listening to as I pulled up this document. [I write all my posts in a Word document; otherwise the formatting is…twitch-inducing.] As the girl sang that line, I thought of how God reaches out in love to help us, to show us life…and about how certain people in my story are reaching out, but not in love. Oh, they say they want to help, they pretend to care…but they really don’t.

…And this all makes me think about how often this situation happens in real life. …We live in a really, really screwed up world, in case you haven’t noticed. People pretend, they manipulate…they make it seem like they want to help you or be with you, but they are really only interested in furthering their own agenda. [This is not everyone, of course.]

…It is such a relief to me…to know that God does not have ulterior motives when it comes to me. He is not manipulating me, offering to help me with the intent to screw me over for his own gain. He reaches out IN LOVE to show me LIFE. Not for his own gain, not to use me and then dump me. No. He reaches out to me --- I do not reach to him --- and he does so in perfect love. He does so as the epitome of love. And he does it to help me, to save me, to give me what is good. To give me what is best. To lift me from darkness into light. To lift me out of the wreckage, out of the ashes…and set my feet in a spacious place.

…Maybe some of you reading this feel like God has treated you unfairly. That he has indeed screwed you over, left you stumbling down the stairs in the dark…left you standing alone in the middle of a field with an army bearing down on you. If you feel that way, or have ever felt that way…well, let me just tell you that the things I just described…are what I have felt myself. So you are in good company. …Or, at least company that understands.

This life is hard. It is painful. It is frustrating. It is disappointing. Things don’t work out the way we hope…and it seems like everyone lets us down. Sometimes, like the girl in my story, you don’t know who to trust…you’ve been burned, really badly…and you fear that everyone has ulterior motives when it comes to you.

But I am learning…that God does not have a dark side. I do…and people do…but HE does not. There are no shadows with him. There are no ulterior motives. There are no lies. There is no manipulation. There is no selfish agenda. There is no fear.

There is just love.

A love that reaches out…reaches down…comes unflinchingly into the very pit of darkness…gives everything it has…to show us life. To offer life. …And to give us a way to real life.

After several run-ins with people who just want to use her, my girl encounters some who seem different. Some who claim to want to help her, who insist that they truly care about her. They offer the possibility of hope.

…But she has to decide whether or not to take that risk.

A new life is offered…but it is not hers unless she accepts it. She can’t have it both ways; she can’t stay where she is, and also live in the hope they embody. …She has to choose to trust them, and go with them.

…Likewise, hope is offered to you. True love has proposed to you, and stands waiting for your answer.

“…What are you going to do?”

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