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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My phone just told me it has 20% battery left. Aw, such a smart phone.

…Well, hi. =)

So, this is just a little update [I think].

I did some writing yesterday, some stuff about when my main girl meets some other people. I already had most of it, but I added some more to it. Changed how a conversation goes…yeah. Added some more to it [and it still needs way more]. It was fun. =) See my smiley face? That means I am not being facetious. That means this is actually a FUN part of the story!! [And not just my version of “fun”.]

Today --- I think it was mostly today? --- I…okay. Let me rephrase.

I think something will have to change. An age when certain things happen. [That is vague enough, yes? Yes.] It is not a huge deal, but it is…um…involved? Like, to make this change isn’t a huge issue; first off, it hasn’t really come into the story yet at all, so I don’t have to make sure I fix things in parts I’ve already moved on from…and secondly, it…well, it just isn’t a big deal.

BUT…if I do make this change…there are a LOT of documents where I will need to mark this change. Blah. And that will take quite a bit of time.

OH. And at the moment, when she meets those people…I think she is going to kind of have a meltdown. As I have added stuff to what I had…her fear is just coming out more. I want it to be very realistic, so…yeah.

Realism is what we are going for.

That is all.
Off to write!
[Or, more likely…make that change and start implementing it into my bazillion different documents.]

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