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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I have to be at work at 5. I still need a shower. …Why do I do this?

I do not have much time, so this will be brief.

1. I wrote today.
2. I wrote in chapter 16.
3. I was able to move things around successfully, and I am much happier with the way it flows.
4. I was able to add in the fun little conversation between two guys.
5. Almost no one knows why that conversation is so fun to me…but someday you will.
6. I now have ten pages in chapter 16.

…And, the final and best one…

7. This picture.

This, my friends…is a thing of beauty.
Know what it is?

It is her path through the city…and out the gate.

Hallelujah. Goodbye, awful city.
…’Till next time.

;) ;)

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