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Friday, May 17, 2013

I have honey and cinammon on my face, and it ITCHES!! AHHHHH!

…That title has absolutely nothing to do with this post. But it is what I am currently feeling, so we are going with it.

I met with Hannah today. It has been a couple of months [I think?] since we last met to discuss story stuff. It was really nice to talk with her, and get some feedback on my latest chapters.

…And I have to say…I am amazed at how my story has changed. Of how, to be quite honest, God has taken it and sort of…run with it.

One of the things Hannah and I discussed today is the original ideas I had…the way I thought the story was going to go. The way I planned for it to go. One of the biggest differences is that the place where my girl has been for the past fifteen chapters…that was originally going to be a GOOD place. [If you can believe that!] The woman was going to be genuinely nice, not insane with hatred and grief. …Yeah. I’m totally serious.

…Then I saw that human trafficking video…and had the so-very-innocent thought of, “…I could put this into my story somehow…maybe the inn is _______.”

Bam. Change. Of. Direction.

And then the idea of a certain guy doing a certain something…BAM. Another change of direction.

Oh, there were traces before of what it has become --- such as my main character not being some “chosen one” type of person; I always wanted it like that --- but it is playing out in a vastly different way than I expected. Before, it was more along the lines of a love story, sort of; romantic love was the thing that changed stuff, and my main girl was the one who got the ball rolling in that direction.

Now…not so much. The romance is still there --- it is me, after all; there has to be some level of romance --- …but it is no longer the focal point.

The story, at the very core, when all is said and done…is not so much about love…as it is about redemption. [Though they kind of go hand-in-hand a bit…]

And in this story…everyone needs redemption. From my main girl, to her love interest, to that other guy [ =D =D ], to that poor, poor family that has been through unspeakable things [I am so mean]…to the other-other guy, and the other-other-other one…and all of the other girls…and…all of those wonderful, brave people…

…It is entirely fine for you to be lost right now. ;)

My hope for this story is this: That it will continue on the path it is on. That it will continue to change me, and I will continue to let it be changed; that I will never hold so tightly to what I think it should be that I miss what it is meant to be. That it will speak with power to the greatest truth in the world: There is redemption, and it is available to anyone who accepts it.

…And that God will use it for his glory.

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