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Friday, March 29, 2013

Sorry. It is long.

What to write, what to write…

…Well, this morning, I saw a quote on facebook: “The struggle is part of the story”.

…I am trying to figure out how to explain my thoughts on this. In not a lot of words.

…Basically, I believe that God’s heart is for redemption. He longs to restore people, relationships…lives. He longs to deliver, to heal, to save…to turn darkness into light, pain into beauty…struggle into victory. And so often, people give up on God because of the struggles in life. They find it hard to believe that a good God would allow such bad things to happen; they think, “If God loved me, he wouldn’t make me go through ________. …Therefore, since I am going through _________, and he hasn’t put a stop to it…that means he doesn’t care.”

That is an admittedly understandable thought process. But, if I can be blunt…it is also horribly short-sighted. It is equivalent to a toddler thinking their parents are cruel for making them have to learn to use a toilet. It is equivalent to a child saying their parents don’t love them because they won’t give them the ______ that they want. A good parent will discipline their child, teach their child…do what is best for their child --- even when the child doesn’t feel that it is best. The parent knows more than the child, sees the long-term effects of immediate actions. Yes, potty-training is crappy [haha!]…but if you don’t learn how to use the toilet, wow, you will have some big issues ahead of you! Yes, not getting what you want stinks…but if you never hear “No”, you’ll become a spoiled brat --- and we’ve all had to deal with adults who act like babies when they don’t get what they want. [Not attractive.]

This is, in a lot of ways, a tiny reflection of what God does. He sees what we cannot see. He knows what we cannot begin to comprehend in our itty-bitty, finite minds. He is not indifferent, and he is not cruel. In fact, it is the opposite --- he is displaying great love, great compassion, great patience. Our pain hurts him, but he isn’t after our temporary happiness and comfort. He is after our hearts…our eternal delight. He is after our wholeness, holiness [set apart-ness], and our freedom. If we’d just let him work…and not freak out and turn away from him every time something doesn’t go our way. …If we could just…TRUST HIM.

…This is what I try to do with my stories. I try to, in my own flawed, small way, see as he sees. I try to connect things, to use things…to redeem everything somehow. I want to redeem everyone…but some people/characters are beyond redemption --- not because they’re so bad, but because they’re so unwilling.

What I am trying to say with this spiel is that in my own life, I believe that quote. The struggles I have faced, am facing, and will face…they are part of the story. God will use it for good if I let him. He will use it for beauty if I surrender my attempts at control.

And this, naturally, comes out in my story. The struggles that my character goes through…are part of the story. Part of her redemption…and part of the redemption of her world. This is one of the big reasons I chose to start the story when I did, and not have this whole experience just be something in the past. Yes, it is more painful to live through it with her…but it is part of the story itself, not just the setting or background of the story.

I could have written the story differently, where she didn’t have to endure the pain she endures. But if she didn’t…then, honestly…the story wouldn’t exist the way it does. I am sure I could have come up with something else…but certain things would not happen in that world…certain things that need to happen.

What she goes through --- awful as it is; and it IS awful --- is necessary. It changes the world.

God’s heart is for redemption.
He is making mine for redemption too.


  1. I like this. It was well written and on point. I like the message. It is something that is always in my mind.

  2. Thanks, Terrell! =) Always in my mind too.