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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Redemption part 2!

I literally have about ten minutes to write this. Maybe not even that long.

This kind of goes with the thing I wrote yesterday, about redemption. I hinted at it [at least in my head, I did], but it didn’t really fit in that post. But I said the thing yesterday about how some people are beyond redemption --- not because they are so bad, but because they are unwilling to be redeemed, to admit that they need it.

One of my favorite aspects of my story --- an idea that I fully believe God gave me --- is the redemption of a character that most [if not all] readers would like to see burn in hell a hundred times over.

And, to be honest…he might be one of my most favorite characters, ever.

What I hope to do in this story is this: show the redemption of a character that has done nothing wrong…and show the redemption of a character that has done everything wrong.

Because I believe that NO ONE is truly beyond redemption…if they are willing to receive it. Whether terrible things have been done to you…or whether you have done terrible things…there is hope for everyone.

…And I am so out of time.

I apologize for any typos or errors!

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