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Thursday, March 28, 2013

An actual story update! Of sorts.

I don’t have a lot to say right now, but I do want to post an actual story update. So…let me think of one…

…Yeah, I got nuthin’.

Um…well, I am now on a different part of my story. For the past two-plus years, I was more or less consumed by my character being in a certain place. [I have written other parts in those two years --- lots of other parts --- but the focus for that time period was that one place.]

…But that has changed now. My girl is out of that place…and…wow…I am glad. So glad. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to have that many guys come over that period of time…yeah…IDIOT. [That would be all me, by the way.] So I am thankful to be on another part, to finally…finally…have gotten to the escape. But I am also sort of…lost? It is kind of sad to say that --- or maybe just super morbid --- but I feel out of my element. Ugh. That’s gross. But I feel like even the story itself has changed, in an instant. And, I mean…it has. What was the focus is no long ---

No, I just thought of something.

The focus --- her focus --- for the past fifteen chapters has been surviving. And truly…that hasn’t changed. At all. In fact, it has intensified even more. The elements involved in that survival are different, the place where that fight for survival is taking place has switched…but the theme remains. She is still trying to survive…and just because she is out of one place does not mean everything is easier, or that that is the end of what has been going on for the first half of this book.

It is a transition of placement. No more new guys. …But memories? Dreams? …Oh yeah. Now is when it hits, for real.


Now I want to write.

So…bye. =)